Motivate Your Brand Ambassadors

Reward Customers, Partners & Employees For:

Promoting your business

Introducing you to new customers

Introducing you to quality candidates

Leverage The Blockchain

Benefits To Your Business


Get more referrals, endorsements and word of mouth from people who already love your brand.


Strengthen your bonds with important stakeholders. Keep them committed to your brand.


You set the budget and choose the Brand Ambassadors for your business.

Cost Efficiency

With the Blockchain, we make it easy to manage Ambassador rewards. Save time & money.

Benefits To Brand Ambassadors


They get rewarded for completing small tasks and helping out businesses they already trust.


The know upfront what is expected of them and what they get in return.


With the Blockchain, they get rewarded in as little as 1 click.


They earn points which they can redeem for cash, cryptocurrency, or other prizes that you choose

Employers Recruit Smarter

It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to recruit a single employee, often with mixed results. Attract candidates who not only have the right skills, but who also fit your company's culture, by leveraging your current employees.

Reward your employees when they introduce you to quality candidates.

Trusted Referrals Image

Spread The Word About Your Business

You need to raise awareness and attract new customers to your business, but you also lack the time and money to run expensive marketing campaigns or to build a large following on social media. Fortunately, your existing customers are active on social media, and would be happy to recommend your business to their friends and followers.

Reward your customers when they promote your business.

Trusted Referrals Image

Sales Professionals Get A Foot In The Door

Even some of the best B2B companies end up spending several thousands of dollars to acquire a single customer. Warm referrals are 10X more effective than cold calls, so you can save time and money when you get introduced by someone who this customer already knows and trusts.

Reward your business connections when they provide warm introductions.

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How It Works

For Example:

  • Set aside $500 to run an Ambassador Campaign

Based on your campaign goals, offers could include:

  • $10 for sharing a post with their friends

  • $50 for setting up a meeting with a prospect

  • $25 for introducing you to a qualified candidate

Based on your campaign goals, they could include:

  • VIP customers who've signed up to receive special offers

  • Colleagues at non-competing businesses who already know your prospect

  • Engineers or other employees with connections to "hard to reach" candidates

  • Ambassadors complete a task

  • Business confirms task completion

  • Brand Ambassadors receive reward

  • Business and Ambassadors exchange feedback

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