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If your identity is ever stolen, we will spend up to $5MM to restore your good name. We also partner with top law firms across the country to give you access to top-rated attorneys.

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Our Identity and Legal Protection services cover a wide range of issues to give you peace of mind.

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For a predictable, low monthly payment, you can protect yourself from malicious security breaches and prevent unforeseen legal expenses.

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Medical Identity Theft 101

Medical services-related identity theft was up 40% last year. That's not surprising when you think about all the organizations that have our personal health information.

You do what you can to stay healthy. How safe is your PHI? Are you at risk for medical identity theft? Would you recognize the symptoms?

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Medical Id Theft Image

ALERT: Watch Out For These New Tax Scams

They’re at it again... tax scammers scheming new ways to steal personal information and money. The FTC has these tips to fight tax identity theft.

Learn More

Alert Image

It's Tax Identity Theft Season

As tax season begins, there are steps you can take to lower your risk of tax fraud and identity theft.

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The Real Threat of Identity Theft: It is not Credit Cards

There is a much greater threat to our personal data that few are thinking about at all. That threat is the theft and sale of our health records on the black market.

Learn More

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Who's Really Calling?

Have you received a call about suspicious activity on your bank or credit card account? If they're asking questions for which they should have the answers, watch out!

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Be Smart with Used Devices.

Take steps to ensure you're not giving away your identity when you upgrade your devices.

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Customer Testimonials

"We have had a few issues with fraudulent activity and this investigator has been extremely helpful. He's also very professional and accessible in that if he is not able to answer exactly when I have called he promptly returns my call. That's important to me."

M.M in FL

"I went to renew my drivers license in California and was told I couldn't because there was a hold on my account in NC. 😮 Called the NC DMV and was told the reason my license is suspended was for outstanding fines from a ticket I got 3 years prior in a kannapolis NC. (A city I had never been to, and never got a ticket in) Someone used my drivers license, plead guilty in court and then never paid their court fines because it was all linked back to me. There was a warrant for me in NC! 😳 They told me I would need to pay the fines to drive legally or hire a lawyer in NC if I wanted to fight it! I informed them I had a law firm in NC, but hung up and tapped my IDSHIELD app. Got connected with an awesome private investigator. He did some research, made some phone calls, got me connected with the right people and within 1 week I was driving legally again in ca and paid zero dollars. He took another week to clear up the warrant in NC. I love my investigators at Kroll! I always ask people what they would have done in this situation? Fly across the country and hire a lawyer? At that point it would be cheaper to pay her fines. The police officer I talked to in NC told me he hoped my private investigator didn't cost too much because he was awesome!! All this happened because of my drivers license info. Think about everywhere we write that down when we get jobs, apartments, at hotels, anywhere! People need his protection !!"

Sarah B.

"The investigator went above and beyond in looking into things for me and proposing a course of action in the interim. I️ got off the phone feeling like I had done all I could up to that point. Greatly satisfied with the service in what was a very ambiguous situation."

G.G. in CT